Hi Guys!!!

KSM Proudly Present: PRE (Pekan Raya Ekonomi) Saman Dance Competition with theme “Express Yourself Through Your Dance”
You have the skills or talent to dance?
Lets join your talent to dance in here.
Saman Dance Competition will be hold on:
Date: 20 April 2017
Location: Kemala Ballroom, Esa Unggul University
Gift: Piagam, Sertifikat, Uang Tunai

Open Registration:
Date: 14 Maret 2017
IDR: 300k

Lets join with us!!! For more information please contact:
Line: gizzalia
Wa: 087808940645
Ig: ksmueu
Email: [email protected]

Come on show your skills or talent to dance
Wait your participate and thanks


Download Kelompok Studi Manajemen Proudly Present Saman Dance Competition as PDF