Project Description


World Championship is biggest international meritorious competition on earth in Accounting Research

World Champion Dr. MF. Arrozi Adhikara is most important asset for Indonesia, recognized by International Agency for Standards and Ratings. The purpose of the award is to identify brilliant scientists and academicians around the world through World Championship. The World Championship is organized by International Agency for Standards and Ratings at international level Dr. MF. Arrozi Adhikara, (World Champion and Fellow, Directorate of Accounting Research, IASR) plays a vital role in advancement of scientific knowledge in Accounting Research (INVESTMENT DECISION).

World Championship-2019 in Accounting Research (INVESTMENT DECISION) acknowledges the outstanding international contributions and is selected based on international meritorious competition. IASR extends best wishes for your endeavours enlightening scientific domain with your efforts. Your research article is winner among 5028 nominations from 92 countries, screened for the World Championship-2019 in Accounting Research (INVESTMENT DECISION). IASR recognizes Dr. MF. Arrozi Adhikara among World’s 500 Most Influential Experts in Accounting Research for the Year 2019 on Earth. IASR selects Dr. MF. Arrozi Adhikara as World Heritage intellectual asset in Accounting Research.